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WorldDMB Releases Update on Digital Radio

Report says that DAB, DAB+ growing in availability, popularity

WorldDMB has released its latest Global Update detailing the state of digital radio worldwide.

According to the report, growth remains strong in Europe and Asia Pacific with global population coverage of the standards at over half a billion. Thailand and Indonesia are currently testing the DAB+ standard, representing the technology’s spread to new markets.

The report also pointed out that digital radio is now offered as either standard or an option by most consumer electronic receiver brands, which means there are with thousands of designs and affordable prices currently available.

Major automotive manufacturers now offer DAB/ DAB+ digital radio line for cars. Others have begun to include digital radio as an optional upgrade. BMW recently joined the ranks of other automakers by including DAB as standard in its U.K. vehicles beginning this year. Additionally, cars can be retrofitted for digital radio using in-car adapters.