WorldSpace, Harris Part of Bid for Iraqi Media Reconstruction

WorldSpace, Harris Part of Bid for Iraqi Media Reconstruction
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Satellite radio company WorldSpace said it is bidding in partnership with nine other organizations to rebuild Iraq's news media institutions.
The Iraqi Media Network operates that country's national TV and FM radio networks and a newspaper.
"WorldSpace is leading a team of companies with specialized experiences and a track record of success in rebuilding journalism communications in countries formerly under totalitarian regimes," it stated. Partners include the Harris Corp. Broadcast Communications Division, TFS Group and the Rendon Group.
The contract is to begin in January and last for a year with possible extensions; it's valued at $98 million.
"The main objective of the contract is to ensure the Iraqi network is brought up to professional standards in media," stated CEO Noah Samara. "This will include the refurbishment and repair of infrastructure, the provision of programming, the expansion of the national newspaper network and the training of a local workforce. The final component is to develop an exit strategy by privatizing the media network and turning the control back to the Iraqi nation of over 24 million people."


Worldspace Hunting for Cash

Worldspace’s operating expenses continue to far outweigh its revenue, according to a quarterly summary filed by the satellite company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.