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WorldSpace is U.S. Customer for Harris Intraplex NetXpress Audio Over IP Platform

WorldSpace is U.S. Customer for Harris Intraplex NetXpress Audio Over IP Platform

Harris Corporation sold its Intraplex NetXpress to WorldSpace – it’s first U.S. sale of the managed platform for the transport of audio over Internet Protocol.
WorldSpace, a direct-to-consumer satellite radio provider serving Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, will install six NetXpress audio over IP platforms at four of its uplink locations: Silver Spring, London, Singapore, and Bangalore, India. The system will consolidate audio transport and data communications over a single Multi-Protocol Label Switching network, is scheduled to launch by late 2006. The Walisko Group, based in the Washington area, will help with systems integration.
The four WorldSpace sites are connected using a terrestrial, fiber-based wide area network, which is used to stream WorldSpace Satellite Radio channels and special events. WorldSpace also downlinks audio services from other U.S. networks for broadcast to its customers. The company has opted to launch an MPLS network alongside its existing E1 infrastructure due to recent increases in data and availability requirements. Integration of the Intraplex NetXpress audio over IP platform will coincide with the MPLS network launch, allowing WorldSpace to migrate to a packet switched network as opposed to solely relying on a static network without point-to-point switching.
Randall Scott, vice president of production engineering and operations for WorldSpace stated that with NetXpress, the company has the ability to consolidate our audio and data transport needs on one network, while also having spare capacity for on-demand audio transfers.
The Intraplex NetXpress platform is on display at the NAB Radio show in Dallas.