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WorldSpace Steps Up Transition to Subscriptions

WorldSpace Steps Up Transition to Subscriptions

WorldSpace wants subscribers, and to move in that direction, it is now marketing its satellite radio services to American and Brits living abroad.
Having launched four years ago as a service free to listeners, WorldSpace has watched the subscription approach appear to work in the United States for Sirius and XM. It has experimented with subs as well, and now is offering what it calls the first multinational satellite radio subscription plan available across its footprint, which covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
This development was first reported here last fall. This week, WorldSpace, which offers satellite radio services in various countries, announced more details of the new service.
As part of this effort, it will target the “ex-pat” community of American and British expatriates living and working abroad, including the U.S. military.
A “Home Team Radio/Brits Abroad” subscription will be available for $9.99; incentives are available for additional receiver and multi-year subs. Subscription and receiver sales will be available beginning in April at, which also has a list of retailers and dealers.
The company, headquartered in Washington, has programming alliances with NPR, Fox News, Bloomberg, Radio Caroline, talkSPORT, BBC and Virgin Radio UK, as well as its own content.
“The programming we will be offering with this package is largely unavailable from the limited terrestrial (AM/FM) radio present in the countries we will be serving,” said COO Andy Ras-Work in the announcement.