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WowBiz Has AM Revitalization Suggestion

Founder suggests adding AM news/talk stations business training interviews could attract new demographic

WowBiz Corporate TV thinks they may be able to help AM news/talk station owners and ad sales teams to attract a new demographic — and Google Analytics seems to back them up.

Marketing consultant and WowBiz TV founder /host Lynn Hinderaker has been interviewing local executives in the Upper Midwest since 2010. In 2011, Creighton University’s business school partnered with him, modifying the business video interview platform. Hinderaker is offering this platform, which currently consists of about 110 executive interviews, to owners of AM radio stations with the intention of posting them online.

“We call these video interviews ‘white papers on steroids,’” said Hinderaker. “They enable business owners to share their expertise, build professional credibility and convert tire kickers into qualified sales prospects.”

Hinderaker notes that AM news talk stations attract a business-type listener, but few are under 50. In contrast, the WowBiz videos are attractive to business savvy 18 to 34 year olds, according to Google Analytics.

“Digital video news/talk interviews with business leaders that are put up at the website of an AM news/talk station will attract young listeners into the world of AM news talk radio,” said Hinderaker.