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WOYK Fined for Unlocked Tower Fence

Gate fastener broken for some time, says FCC

The FCC fined WOYK(AM), York, Pa., $7,000 for not properly securing the fence around its tower.

During an inspection in 2010, agents from the Enforcement Bureau’s Philadelphia office noticed the fastener on the gate around the tower was broken, allowing unrestricted access to the tower. Shortly afterwards the president of the company contacted the FCC and told the agent the fastener had been fixed and the fence was secured.

In its decision this week, the FCC said agents indicated the gate had been unlocked for some time. Further the property on which the tower is located was not enclosed by a fence, and there is a nearby residential area, according to the commission.

The fact that the licensee had made the repair did not negate the violation, said the agency. That’s why the FCC decided that a $7,000 fine was called for.

WOYK has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.