WQAM Fined $55,000 for Indecency

WQAM Fined $55,000 for Indecency
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The FCC fined WQAM(AM) in Miami $55,000 for apparently violating its indecency rules with material aired on the "Scott Ferrall Show." The commission investigated complaints about the show from 2003. Beasley Broadcast Group, the licensee, said it didn't have a tape or transcript and couldn't tell whether it really aired the material in question.
The FCC said the language that led to the fine contained graphic references to forced oral and anal sex with an adult and also forced sex with a child. As for the latter, the commission said, "There is no non-sexual meaning that a listener could possibly have attributed to these terms." The references were repeated, the commission said, not fleeting and isolated.
Beasley said the material was not indecent. The commission disagreed and levied the fine.
The $55,000 is two counts of the maximum $27,500 for two shows.
The station has 30 days to pay the fine or seek a reduction or cancellation.


Increased Indecency Fines Take Effect

President Bush recently signed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, increasing the potential fines for broadcasting indecent material by a factor of 10. The former max - a mere pittance at $32,500 per violation - is history. Now you're looking at a much heftier $325,000 per violation, up to a limit of $3 million per day.