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WRAL to Pilot Air-to-Web Concept

WRAL to Pilot Air-to-Web Concept

Hoping to solve the problem of online streaming fees for broadcasters, Decisionmark Corp. said WRAL(FM) in Raleigh, N.C., will pilot its Air-to-Web Broadcast Replication technology.
“The significance of this new technology is it permits any radio station to broadcast their local signal over the Internet without infringing upon copyright laws by extending the signal beyond legal geographic boundaries,” the company stated.
“Because the Web listenership would duplicate that of the listeners already able to receive the signal with an antenna, it would lessen the fears of content being streamed to an unlimited audience, hence eliminating the need for additional copyright fees.”
Programming to targeted listeners begins Thursday, Sept. 5. Decisionmark uses signal-area prediction technology and a verification process. To ensure that signal area data is accurate, the company said, broadcasters communicate signal-area coverage changes using a software tool so off-air and Web broadcasts are identical. Info: