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WRN Helps Radio Japan Expand Reach

A mix of satellite, shortwave, medium wave and FM help Japan maximize reach of its foreign service

Radio Japan, the international broadcasting division of Japanese public-service broadcaster NHK, recently contracted with WRN for an increased range of transmission services.

Starting this summer, WRN is providing the Radio Japan Arabic Service space on a 1 MW medium-wave transmitter on 1377 kHz serving the Middle East and on FM outlets in the Palestinian Territories, parts of Israel and Jordan. NHK Arabic programming also remains available on the WRN-programmed Arabic-language station S?awt al-?Alam (??? ??????), which is available via the Arabsat, Hot Bird and Nilesat satellite services.

NHK Russian-language programming is also now heard on WRN’s Russian channel Vsemirnaya Radioset’ (????????? ?????????) via both satellite and locally on medium wave, 738 kHz, in Moscow.

In South Asia, Radio Japan’s Bangla, Hindi and Urdu Services are now available via a shortwave relay facility offered by WRN.