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WTMD to Move Studios

Towson, Md. university noncom building new facilities

Suburban Baltimore station WTMD(FM) in Towson, Md. is moving to a new broadcast facility this fall.

Right now, the 10 kW noncommercial station at 89.7 MHz is located in the heart of the Towson University campus. Constrictions in the station’s current 1,800-square foot facility have inhibited the station’s ability to produce the amount and kinds of programming needed in the Baltimore region, according to the announcement.

The new setting is 8,000 square feet of broadcast and community space, to be in the heart of Towson, Md. The new facility will have four studios, performance space, a community meeting room and classroom as well as studios and offices for the station.

The setting will include an on-air studio overlooking downtown Towson, two production studios and a performance studio. “Each studio will be capable of recording five- or even eight-piece bands simultaneously,” stated general manager Steve Yasko.

WTMD plans to make its studios available to local musicians, where they can rehearse and record music, thus strengthening its ties to the local community, according to music director Scott Mullins.

The station also plans to move its transmitter and antenna slightly farther west, pending FCC approval, to the top of Towson City Center. “The additional height that Towson City Center provides will allow us to reach more people and have less static and signal drop outs,” said Yasko.