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WVOV Settles License Case With FCC

Will pay $17,000 and adopt compliance plan

A Christian AM station in Virginia can get its license problems ironed out after a settlement with the Media Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission.

The station is WVOV — “Danville’s home for southern Gospel and bluegrass music” — a 1 kW daytimer at 970 kHz. In the consent decree reached with the FCC, the broadcaster acknowledged it had failed to file a license renewal application in June of 2003 and that it continued to operate, both after its license had expired and after a subsequent STA ran out. (WVOV filed its first STA to continue operations in late 2003; that STA ran out in June of 2004. The station then didn’t file for another STA until August of the following year.)

The station also didn’t properly maintain its public file during the 1995–2003 license term.

Danville Christian will make a “voluntary contribution” to the U.S. government of $17,000, payable in 30 installments, and has adopted a compliance plan to avoid future problems.

The agreement was signed by Sherwood Tony Johnson, president of Danville Christian Radio, and William T. Lake, chief of the FCC Media Bureau.