WWL Employs Searchable Podcasts

EveryZing is technology provider of ezSearch system.
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Search engine company EveryZing pointed out a radio broadcast use of its technology this week.

The Massachusetts-based firm said that Entercom Communications station WWL(AM/FM) in New Orleans used its ezSearch system to capture broadcast content and translate it into podcasts with full-text search. This let listeners have immediate access to relevant information about the storm.

“By having this on-demand access with full-text search capabilities, residents anywhere within the New Orleans area can quickly search the podcasts and jump to their exact point of interest within the file,” a spokewoman stated.

EveryZing captures a radio broadcast and generates full-text, time-stamped output; thus listeners could search for and jump to a moment in a broadcast containing search terms such as “Orleans Parish Evacuation.”


WWL Employs Searchable Podcasts

As Hurricane Gustav lead to a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans and other parts of southeastern Louisiana, those displaced had quick access to hometown reports thanks to search technology company EveryZing.