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XAPPmedia Debuts Tool to Create Custom Skills for Amazon Alexa

Voice Radio launched in a closed beta earlier this year

XAPPmedia has introduced a new edition to its software-as-a-service Voice Media platform. Now available to the public, Voice Radio is intended to help stations create custom, interactive voice apps across voice assistant platforms.

Voice Radio launched in a closed beta earlier this year, and during that time, XAPPmedia says the software “was used to launch several hundred radio stations” for Amazon Alexa.

According to the company, users can “build” a skill in about 5 minutes. Once submitted, XAPPmedia vets the skills and then sends them off to Amazon. In total, skills go live about one week from creation. XAPPmedia also offers management services for voice app operation after the deployment.

Voice Radio “also automates many of the Alexa skill development, deployment and management processes,” said XAPPmedia CEO and co-founder Pat Higbie.