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xHE-AAC Licensing Program Announced

Third parties will be able to license the xHE-AAC technology for a fee

Via Licensing Corp. has announced that it is developing a patent pool for the Extended High Efficiency AAC (xHE-AAC).

A recent update to the Advanced Audio Coding range of technologies from standardized by ISO MPEG, xHE-AAC combines a speech coder with a general audio coder for a single audio coding system that can achieve low bitrates with either speech, music or ambient sounds. Digital Radio Mondiale uses xHE-AAC as its audio coding format.

xHE-AAC patent owners — which include Dolby Laboratories, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Fraunhofer IIS, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Orange S.A., Sony, and VoiceAge Corporation — have worked with Via Licensing to establish this patent pool. As a result, third parties will be able to license the xHE-AAC technology for a fee.

AAC pool licensees will be able to add a license grant for xHE-AAC to an existing AAC license agreement. The license fees are inclusive of underlying AAC patents.

Via Licensing plans to launch the patent pool during the second quarter of 2016.