XM, Boeing Agree on Fourth Launch

XM, Boeing Agree on Fourth Launch
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XM Satellite Radio and Boeing have agreed to launch XM's fourth satellite in the 200607 timeframe. The XM-4 would be sent into geosynchronous transfer orbit on a Sea Launch rocket.
Sea Launch placed XM's first two Boeing 702 satellites in 2001 and will launch the XM-3 satellite in late 2004 or early '05 as part of a delivery-in-orbit contract with Boeing Satellite Systems, the manufacturer of the four satellites.
The satellites normally have a 15-year life span. XM is arguing with its insurer over a $400 million claim for the shortened life span of its first two satellites due to a flaw acknowledged by Boeing in the solar array.
XM said the design flaw has been fixed for its third satellite, the launch of which is expected to cost about $190 million.
Alcatel Space is providing the S-band Digital Audio Service payloads for the XM spacecraft.