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XM Correcting Variances in Repeater Network

XM Correcting Variances in Repeater Network

XM Satellite Radio is getting its terrestrial repeater network in order.
In an FCC filing, the satcaster says it has taken several steps to bring several terrestrial repeaters into compliance with its authorizations. XM says it has reduced power levels for 210 repeaters that were operating up to 2 dB more power than authorized, turned off 15 of 19 repeaters that were not covered by any existing STA and reduced an additional 9 of 11 repeaters to their authorized power.
The four repeaters currently operating “that do not have obviously applicable STAs” serve urban areas in Ann Arbor, Boston, Buffalo, and Providence “where there are large areas dependent on the terrestrial repeater signal for coverage,” states XM.
The 8 repeaters that were turned off “serve major roadways in Birmingham, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, and St. Louis markets and the five repeaters that have been reduced in power are near major traffic routes in the New York, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington” markets, said the company.
XM asked for a 30-day Special Temporary Authority to continue operating its repeaters and provide service while it brings the entire network into compliance. It plans to file a 180-day STA request for the all its repeaters soon.