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XM Develops Prototype Receiver

XM Develops Prototype Receiver

XM Satellite Radio’s chipset manufacturer, STMicroelectronics, has begun making the company’s two custom chips for AMFM/XM receivers. XM displayed prototype chipsets and a prototype receiver at the unveiling of its facility Wednesday.
XM says it has also successfully tested its signal. XM uplinked a music signal to a KU-band satellite, downlinked it to a terrestrial repeater and finally received the S-band signal in a prototype radio in a vehicle traveling at 65 mph on I-95.
While WorldSpace, which has an ownership interest in XM, has also developed receivers for a satellite-delivered digital audio service, XM President/CEO Hugh Panero says WorldSpace is focusing on fixed and portable DAB units, while XM is focused on mobile DAB units for the U.S. market.
WorldSpace, a satellite-delivered DAB service on L-band, is aimed at third world countries. It has recently launched its 2nd satellite, AsiaStar.
Leslie Stimson