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XM Ends Quarter at 5.03 Million Subs

XM Ends Quarter at 5.03 Million Subs

XM says it added 617,000 net subscribers during the third quarter for a total of more than 5.03 million.
“This subscriber gain represents a 48 percent increase in new net subscribers compared to the third quarter of 2004, when XM added more than 415,000 new net subscribers,” it stated.
The company meanwhile is entering its first playoff season as the satellite radio home of Major League Baseball, and also is debuting “Take Five,” a talk radio channel aimed at women. This Wednesday it begins carrying NHL games.
Separately, CEO Hugh Panero was featured recently in USA Today talking about his company’s outlook. “Everything keeps me up at night,” he told the newspaper in response to one question. “Arrogance is the demise of any business, and you have to be very careful not to fall into that trap.”
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