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XM Fights Back

XM Fights Back

XM Satellite Radio is calling NAB a bully. In an e-mail to subscribers and on a new portion of its Web site, the satcaster urges listeners to file comments in support of satellite radio.
This is a bolder tactic for XM, which has said several times it’s operating within the parameters of its authority from the commission.
The deadline is June 4 to comment on NAB’s petition to have the agency declare that satellite radio should program national material only, which would affect satellite radio’s new traffic and weather channels.
“The broadcasters feel threatened by the success of satellite radio. Instead of competing and improving their services, they want the government to protect their businesses by attacking satellite radio,” states XM.
“You pay for these services and it should not be up to the National Association of Broadcasters to dictate what you are permitted to hear. Respectfully urge the FCC to reject the NAB’s petition 04-160 and to support XM’s ability to provide the kind of programming that you demand and deserve.”
XM urges subscribers to also write to members of Congress to urge them to oppose HR 4026 which would restrict satellite radio from offering local traffic and weather channels.
XM provides a clickthrough on its Web site to make it easy for subscribers to file comments at: