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XM Fights RIAA Lawsuit

XM Fights RIAA Lawsuit

XM Satellite Radio on Monday asked a federal judge to throw out a copyright lawsuit brought by the RIAA over the Pioneer Inno, which receives XM and allows subscribers to store up to 50 hours of MP3 files.
In the suit, previously reported here, the music labels seek $150,000 for every song copied on the device, saying such handhelds act like music download services and the labels should be paid more than the satellite radio companies pay for copyright fees.
In the court filing, XM said the device was built to comply with the 1992 Audio Home Recording Act and does not allow the user to move the music files off the device.
CEA backed XM in a related court filing.
Sirius avoided a lawsuit by agreeing to pay the RIAA an undisclosed amount for music licensing fees for the S50 model. In a recent congressional hearing, a legal representative for the satcaster said it’s paying the labels “millions” in fees for digital audio recording devices.