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XM Online Offered With Vista; Honda, Toyota Deals Extended.And What’s With the Rats?

XM Satellite Radio has had quite the week.

XM Satellite Radio has had quite the week.

The satcaster announced that XM Radio Online is included with the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, available now after its recent big MS launch.

Web users can sign up for a three-month trial of 80 channels from XM Radio Online for $7.99. An XM spokesman said the deal expands the availability of the XM online product.

XM is extending deals with Honda and Toyota. The Honda agreement is extended through 2016 and the Toyota deal will now run through 2017.

Honda projects production of 650,000 factory-installed XM radios in 2007 vehicles. Toyota expects annual production of XM-equipped Toyota and Lexus vehicles combined to exceed one million by 2010.

They’re no doubt hoping the rats don’t get in the way.

The Washington Post reported this week XM has called an exterminator to flush out the rodents from its Washington headquarters. They are chewing on the cover of the fiber optic cables and have already taken a production studio out of commission, according to XM Senior VP Dan Turner in an internal memo.

Back when we reported on all of the equipment going into the XM studios, we noted that the floors are raised to make room for cabling; now, the rats are under one of those floors, according to the account.

In the meantime, food and drinks are banned from the studios, as well as stacks of paper that could be used to build nests.

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