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XM Responds to NABO Claims

XM Responds to NABO Claims

XM Satellite Radio responded to claims made by the National Association of Black Organizations that some XM board members are biased against carrying The Word Network, a broadcaster for black ministries and Gospel music. NABO supports The Word Network and has been trying to get it added to XM’s lineup. NABO says XM channels such as an uncensored hip-hop and a reggae channel promote drug abuse.
“This represents an ongoing effort by The Word Network to cause XM to carry its programming,” said XM spokesman Chance Patterson. “We have no plans to carry their programming.”
NABO stated in a press release that some XM board members have had experiences with The Word apart from XM, and that may represent a conflict of interest. Patterson said the allegations were false.
“We actually have programming that’s very similar to The Word Network already airing on XM,” said Patterson.

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