XM Sees No Delay in Service

XM Sees No Delay in Service
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The delayed launch of a satellite for XM Satellite Radio will take place at the end of February.
It had been set for this week, but its countdown was halted when a "possible minor out-of-specification condition" was detected on the bird.
The company said the condition turned out to be within specifications and that the satellite is in "excellent health."
Also as a result of the rescheduling of XM's first satellite, the launch of its second is now planned for mid-April. XM still plans to roll out its service to listeners this summer.
At a trade show in Las Vegas this week, the company unveiled 24 models of XM-ready radios produced by six manufacturers.


Satellite Radio Sees No Borders

The launch of satellite radio services in the United States has had unintended consequences south of the border, where some broadcasters in Mexico worry about potential competition from a satellite digital radio service someday.

Service Loss for XM

An unknown number of XM subscribers experienced service outages or significantly degraded service for approximately a day, from mid-morning May 21 to the same time the next day.