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XM to Be in Special Beetle

XM to Be in Special Beetle

It seems Volkswagon is an equal opportunity satellite radio installer. Last week, we told you Sirius would be installed in new Beetles and Jettas. Now, XM Satellite Radio will be standard on Volkswagen of America’s new, limited edition 2004 “Satellite Blue” New Beetle, as well as a factory and dealer installed option on Volkswagen’s 2005 New Beetle and Jetta.
“The Satellite Blue New Beetle is the first vehicle whose name and theme are based on satellite radio, which is one more compelling example of XM Radio’s enormous appeal to consumers,” said XM president and chief executive officer Hugh Panero.
The 2004 Volkswagen Satellite Blue New Beetle will be available this spring. It features an XM receiver with free activation and a one-year subscription to the XM service. The car also has CD and MP3 audio capabilities and external portable audio jacks. Exclusive features include a new Satellite Blue exterior color and 17-inch alloy wheels with matching body-colored inserts.
XM will also be offered as a factory and dealer option in the 2005 New Beetle available later this year and in the 2005 all-new Jetta available in early 2005.

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