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XM to Use Google’s dMarc Platform to Automate Ad System, Measure Performance

XM to Use Google's dMarc Platform to Automate Ad System, Measure Performance

Google and XM Satellite Radio have signed an agreement to provide commercial advertising inventory to XM’s non-music channels through the Google dMarc media network.
The companies say this deal provides advertisers with an automated way to reach XM subscribers and measure performance of their spots.
For XM, the deal provides access to Google advertisers so that it can offer targeted messages to subscribers while decreasing costs associated with processing ads.
The new platform has been in beta testing and is now in production.
Google AdWords’ customers will be able to buy terrestrial and satellite spots when the dMarc platform is integrated into AdWords, targeted for fourth quarter of this year.
Google acquired dMarc in January. The platform, the companies say, simplifies the sales process, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio advertising, so that advertisers can more efficiently purchase and track their campaigns on terrestrial radio, and now on XM.