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XM, Total RF Wrestle Over Repeater at Golf Events

XM, Total RF Wrestle Over Repeater at Golf Events

As XM Satellite Radio begins PGA golf tour coverage this week with the Booz Allen Classic in Bethesda, Md., the FCC granted the company an extension in its request for Special Temporary Authority to operate a low-power terrestrial repeater at PGA Tour events.
XM says it needs the repeater where its signal may be blocked by foliage, or subject to multi-path from reflected signals off tall buildings. The repeater, which XM would move from course to course, would transmit at a maximum EIRP of 2 kW and be limited to coverage of a specific golf course for the duration of that PGA Tour event.
Total RF has opposed XM’s STA request, saying XM’s use of a terrestrial repeater would cause harmful interference to its own wireless services at PGA Tour events. However Total RF supported an extension for XM’s request; both companies say more time may allow them “to negotiate a technical resolution to interference concerns that could allow the two operations to peacefully coexist,” according to the FCC’s order granting the extension for both parties to respond — by June 10.