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XM Using CT-aacPlus Coding Technology

XM Using CT-aacPlus Coding Technology

XM Satellite Radio is using CT-aacPlus as its audio encoding technology. CT-aacPlus is a combination of Advanced Audio Coding with Spectral Band Replication. XM says the combo is more than 30% efficient than AAC, and has been adopted by Digital Radio Mondiale as its codec, DRM is developing digital technology for shortwave, medium and longwave overseas.
XM is enhancing the effect of the codec with Neural Audio, pre-processing software that uses algorithms based on models of the brain’s perception of sound.
XM’s Tony Masiello, Vice President of Operations, said Neural Audio helps the encoder make a better decision about what is perceived audio and what is not. XM says the result is improved sound clarity and increased intelligibility.
The announcement also reveals XM is not using Ibiquity’s Perceptual Audio Codec, though the two companies do have an alliance. Masiello said XM felt CT-aacPlus was the best technology to encode speech, text and data.
Steven Gavenas, Executive Vice President of Programming and Business Development says XM had about 76,000 subscribers by the end of Q1, exceeding projections of 70,000.