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xMax Broadband Gets Attention

xMax Broadband Gets Attention

NAB’s Radio TechCheck newsletter calls attention this week to another wireless broadband technology that it says could have applications in broadband Internet, satellite, wireless ATM circuits and other uses.
Noting the growth in Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, ultra wideband and cell phones, NAB highlighted research by xG Technology, a Florida company. It said that in a demonstration of xMax in May, the firm “successfully transmitted a 6.24 Mbps digital signal, using ground-level transmit and receive antennas, over a one-mile distance using only 0.5 mW of transmit power, which xG contrasts with a typical Wi-Fi ‘hot spot’ transmission requiring 1 W for a 300-foot transmission.”
The company says it uses a modulation and encoding technology that can boost the data capacity of wired and wireless communications channels. It describes the “Index-N” encoding system as one that “dramatically reduces sideband emissions while multiplying the data throughput rate.”
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