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Xytech to Debut Enterprise V 7.5 Features

Xytech to Debut Enterprise V 7.5 Features

Xytech Systems has added a Transmission module and Web Time Card to version 7.5 of its Enterprise workflow and media asset management system. It will debut the features at NAB2005 in Las Vegas.
The Transmission module delivers Order Maintenance and Selection applications along with a setup device that defines transmission services. The company says this enhances the scheduling, bidding, billing and job costing functions in Enterprise.
Transmission facilities and network operations groups can use it to provide a price quote; convert the quote to a service order; process the order and select the resources needed to deliver the service and schedule the resources to ensure availability; manage the service delivery process. It can also alert staff to anomalies before they can interface with service delivery; generate an invoice post-delivery; and provide the invoice data to the company’s accounts systems.
The Web Time Card module works with Enterprise Job Management and Scheduling modules to enable better staff management and billing. Time Card tracks time worked and expenses, and allows people to actualize work orders for billing purposes.
Users can enter information via the Web. The system pre-loads schedule information stored in the Enterprise database, such as vacations, holidays and each employee’s normal workday. Work orders are actualized in real time.