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Yahoo Provides National Traffic Service

Yahoo Provides National Traffic Service

Radio stations, the competition for one of your core assets ratcheted up again this week.
Various news organizations reported that the Yahoo Internet search engine is launching a locally oriented search intended to offer users traffic-condition updates from around the country. (You can try it yourself at, and click on “Get real-time traffic.”)
The service provides live, local traffic information as well as online roadmaps and driving directions. It claims to be first to provide speed conditions and dynamic traffic information, changing by the second, nationally.
An observer for the online financial site Motley Fool wrote that Yahoo “is hitting on something big with its traffic monitoring service. Although many of us have resources for such a feature on a rudimentary level, Yahoo!’s service will be more dynamic, culling real-time resources.” reports that Yahoo’s plans include adapting the service to work with wireless devices. It reported that much of the information on the traffic maps will come from sources like road sensors that measure the speed of cars driving, traffic cameras and official sources of information.