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Yahoo! Sports Radio Is Ballin’

Basketball news and analysis show debuts Nov. 11

Yahoo! Sports Radio has announced a new weekly basketball news and analysis program appearing Nov. 11, “Ballin’ Live”

Aimed at hoops junkies, “Ballin’ Live” will focus on pro, college and high school basketball. It is a partner program with The Basketball Channel, a basketball website. A release says, “the nationwide program will feature updates on what’s happening in basketball, from the preps to the pros, including interviews with top college and NBA coaches, players, analysts and legends from the game, as well as a break-down of each week’s high profile match-ups.”

The show will feature basketball analyst, The Basketball Channel exec and roundball gadfly Van Coleman, analyst and sports radio broadcaster Brett Grant and former NBA player and broadcaster Jerome Williams.

Coleman said, “We look forward to bringing the NBA and our unique look at the game, from the preps to the pros, to Yahoo! Sports Radio’s nationwide audio platform and connect with fans around the nation each week.” The show will originate Tuesdays 8–10 p.m. ET from the Yahoo! Sports radio studios at the Lagasse Stadium at The Palazzo in Las Vegas.