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Yankees Steal WFAN

Another episode of “As the Dial Turns”

Pity the poor New York Metropolitans. Always trying so hard to win the favor of New Yorkers, only to be found lacking in comparison to their older brother, the All-American, Eagle Scout, Phi Beta Kappa, World Series Champ (sometimes) New York Yankees. Most recently the Mets even had the home stadium built to resemble that of the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ebbets Field, just to please the Gothamites still aching over that abandonment.

Yet the love is unreturned.

And now, their marriage of almost 20 years to sports station WFAN(AM/FM) is over, with WFAN running off into the arms of the Yankees, currently shacked up with WFAN’s sister station, WCBS(AM). WCBS is not a full-time sports station and would like to focus on her career so in these days of new broadcast relationship dynamics — they just want to be friends.

If Mr. Met would like to throw all of WFAN’s things out onto the lawn, who would blame him?

Yet it’s true, CBS Radio’s WFAN has signed the Yankees to a multiyear radio broadcast deal, starting next season, ending a broadcast relationship with the Mets stretching back to 1987.

CBS Radio President and CEO Dan Mason practically beaned the Mets, saying, “We are privileged to welcome the New York Yankees to WFAN.” He added, “There is no bigger name in baseball than the Yankees, nor an organization so steeped in tradition. As the nation’s premier sports radio station we look forward to capturing all the excitement surrounding the team, and bringing it to millions of fans for many years to come.” Ouch.

Yankees Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner, looking over his new broadcast digs, said, “The paramount consideration was how our fans would best be able to hear our games. Having the Yankees on WFAN(AM/FM) provides listeners in the New York metropolitan area and beyond with superior broadcast quality and vast territorial signal strength.”

And the Mets? They have to find a friend with a couch to crash on while they look for a new pad. Maybe it’ll be a great place with a foosball table, an awesome stereo system and big screen TV along with some really hot young chicks down the hall that like beer and sports so WFAN will be so jealous and want Mr. Met back…