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Yes, It’s True: Women Shop More Than Men

Yes, It's True: Women Shop More Than Men

Advertising sales and marketing company Interep recently updated its annual report “All About Women/Demographic, Spending and Media Profiles,” confirming what we always thought, that women shop more than men. The study also pointed out that radio and the Internet are two of the best ways to reach these consumers.
According to the study, women are usually the primary shoppers for a household, are much more likely to be frequent shoppers over a range of possible venues and exert significant influence on major family purchases.
For example, 85% of women surveyed said they are the primary shopper in a household, are 12% more likely than men to shop at a department store four or more times in the past 30 days and are 28% more likely to spend $150 at a food store during an average week. They are, however, only 2% more likely to purchase a catalog item over the Internet.
To make contact with these shoppers, the study points out that radio reaches 94% of women each week, and that women spend more than 20 hours a week listening. The most popular female-skewed formats include Soft Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, CHR and Urban Contemporary. The study also says that the Internet is one of the best ways to reach working women as 87% have ‘Net access.