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YES Networks and Ibiquity Promote HD’s Interactive Services

YES Networks and Ibiquity Promote HD's Interactive Services

Interactive radio company YES Networks and Ibiquity Digital have inked an agreement to develop interactive services compatible with HD Radio technology.
YES will develop a way for consumers to interact with data they see on the HD Radio displays. YES aggregates data from retail partners, such as and eBay, to show price, name of seller, description, picture and other info to be offered to broadcasters to include in digital broadcasts.
YES says it correlates and delivers this information to access points, such as phone, Web sites and wireless devices, where listeners can interact with ads or buy music, the so-called “buy” button Ibiquity has said may be on its radios in the future.
YES is one of several companies Ibiquity is working with to develop such data services. It has put together a group of related industry experts to develop HD Radio data standards, so receiver makers build to certain specs and all broadcasters transmit the data in the same way.
Ibiquity has planned a public meeting of these groups at NAB this spring.