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You Were Virtually There

IBS-Palooza is a project of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

Imagine Woodstock without the mud and lack of facilities, or Lollapalooza without the possibility that a human body might crash into you from any angle, all actually enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Backbone Network and the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System ’s Student Radio Network (IBS-SRN) are working together to create a virtual multi-venue three-day concert, to be called IBS-Palooza.

Utilizing a dozen college radio stations, linked via Internet streaming, IBS-Palooza will Webcast live band performances from college campuses. Listeners can access the broadcast from the Web sites of participating colleges. The bands will be, for the most part, local.

Len Mailloux, IBS chairman, said in the announcement that the festival will “deal with a host of challenges, including coordinating multiple live stations all syndicating their live content on a real-time basis using peer-sharing radio automation software.”

Technical facilities are being provided by Backbone Networks and Apple iTunes Radio.

Read our 2007 story about the launch of the IBS’ Internet radio network.