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Your SoundExchange Payments Are Due Soon

A reminder about the Jan. 31 deadline

SoundExchange reports and payments are coming due soon for all webcasters, including commercial, noncom and noncom educational types.

That’s a reminder from law firm Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, where attorneys Kevin Goldberg and Karyn K. Ablin tell clients in a blog post that first filings and payments are due Jan. 31. All webcasters are required to file an Annual Minimum Fee Statement of Account form and pay the annual minimum fee of $500 per channel.

They note that the rates didn’t change this year, “for the first time in recent memory.” And they remind webcasters that you face other obligations, which vary by your classification and according to how many listeners tune in to your webcast transmissions.

“These obligations may include payment requirements as well as periodic reporting requirements regarding your sound recording ‘performances’ (a ‘performance’ is one recording performed to one listener) and the identification of the specific sound recordings you are performing. If you are unclear or have questions about these obligations, you should consult an attorney for more information,” they write.

Read their blog post, written with FHH’s characteristic sense of humor.