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Your Station and Pandora: Frenemies?

Research firm that serves radio station market expands its research into industry's relationship with Pandora

Longer experience with Pandora doesn’t equate to less listening to broadcast radio.

So says NuVoodoo Media Services, based on results from its research. It says it interviewed 1,100 people in the PPM markets, continuing its exploration of the relationship between broadcast radio and the popular digital music provider.

“The findings indicate that 62% of Pandora users listen to Pandora at least 30 minutes per day and nearly as many Pandora users spend that much time daily with broadcast radio,” it stated. “Per the graph below, as Pandora experience increases, so does the percentage that listen to it at least 30 minutes. But the percentage spending at least that much time with broadcast radio did not decrease.”

Radio World inquired whether the study had been done on behalf of a particular client or company. A spokeswoman replied, “NuVoodoo conducted the study as a service and benefit to their client stations. It was not commissioned by anyone.” The firm is headed by Carolyn Gilbert, who started Critical Mass Media in the 1980s and has worked in prominent research roles at Clear Channel and Tribune; NuVoodoo formed in 2010 to serve the radio, television and newspaper markets.

NuVoodoo says people who’ve spent more time with Pandora tend to increase their daily time spent listening from the service but claim not to reduce their TSL with broadcast radio. It considers this “a huge opportunity for radio.” It also plans to release more findings, including data about which social media platforms are experiencing more or less user traction. It makes the full details available to its clients for use in station ratings strategies, marketing and promotions.