Zeo Radio Networks Debuts 'Quality' Local News Service

Zeo Radio Networks Debuts 'Quality' Local News Service
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Denver-based Zeo Radio Networks launched the Zeo News Network to offer what it calls "quality" news services to broadcast-radio stations across the country. The first feature from the new network will be the Custom News Service, headed by KMOX(AM) St. Louis news talent Jim Miller and featuring custom local news reports to stations for morning and afternoon drive slots.
"The Zeo News Network is a perfect fit for what I feel is a major need in radio," said Miller, who has been co-developing the service with Zeo for several months. "Consistency is a top priority for this service, delivering to stations a steady, top-quality sound with each news report." Custom News Service has been air tested, and has earned accolades in Panama City in the Florida panhandle and central Florida markets. "We're giving these stations a major-market news talent at a fraction of any expected costs," Miller added.
The service is being offered on both a cash and barter basis. Stations can contact Zeo's affiliate relations office for more details, or visit www.zeonewsnetwork.com to hear sample news reports.
"Stations can use this new service to save money on news staff and also give their station a pick-me-up in a component often cast aside. Morning shows can now deliver strong local news, custom-built with entertainment information, artist news and more," said Zeo President Scott Thomas.


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