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Z/IP One Is in Use in Nashville, Philly

Telos codec recently started shipping

Among stations using new Telos Z/IP One codecs are Cumulus Media’s WKDF(FM), Levas Communications’ WURD(AM) and Clear Channel’s KQQL(AM/FM).

Telos Systems said those three broadcasters — respectively a Nashville country station, a Philadelphia talker and an oldies combo in Minneapolis/St. Paul — are each doing IP remotes with the IP codecs.

Z/IP One provides remote broadcasts over public IP networks and mobile phone data services.

The codec is wireless-capable and can connect to IP networks via EVDO, UMTS and Wi-Fi. Each ships with a matched WiFi modem stick. The Telos Z/IP Server service helps users overcome troublesome firewalls and NATs, and find and connect to other Z/IP codecs.

Telos said some 20,000 Zephyrs of various models are now in use.