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Zittrain Named FCC ‘Distinguished Scholar’

Genachowski calls him ‘one of the world's leading strategic thinkers on communications policy’

The FCC has a lot of personnel with varied expertise — including now a new “distinguished scholar.”

Harvard University law professor Jonathan Zittrain will be based in the FCC’s Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis and will work on issues related to modern communications networks. He succeeds Duke University law professor Stuart Benjamin, who was the commission’s first Distinguished Scholar.

Chairman Julius Genachowski called Zittrain “one of the world’s leading strategic thinkers on communications policy in the 21st century.”

Zittrain’s research interests include issues related to digital property and content, cryptography, electronic privacy and the roles of intermediaries in the Internet’s architecture. His book “The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It” focuses on the future of the now-intertwined Internet and PC.

He’s also a computer science professor at Harvard and a board member of the Internet Society; he’s on the board of advisors for Scientific American, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a forum fellow of the World Economic Forum. Previously, Zittrain was professor of internet governance and regulation at Oxford University.

The professor will continue to teach at Harvard while working at the FCC.