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"As an industry, we’ve known this was coming for a number of years."

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief.

Add Educational Media Foundation to the list of broadcasters who are ready, or soon will be, for the EAS CAP compliance deadline. EMF includes the K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks.

Vice President of Engineering Sam Wallington tells me, “We’re about 99% complete.” He said the organization had four more sites to go as of a week ago.

The company is using Sage Alerting Systems gear, all purchased from dealer BSW. Key technical decisions have been made by engineering advisor Alan Guthrie, Director of Engineering David Shantz and Wallington.

Their CAP conversion process has involved about 290 installations, mostly its own stations but also including a few affiliates for which EMF agreed to install the gear. Including purchases made for future facilities, Wallington said EMF’s team has purchased about 300 boxes.

“The largest challenge was adding IP capabilities to the sites. Fortunately, thanks primarily to Alan Guthrie’s vision a number of years ago, we had already been working toward that goal prior to the CAP decisions, giving us a head start.”

He added that he doesn’t see the need for a deadline extension.“As an industry, we’ve known this was coming for a number of years, and should have been planning and budgeting for it. As a result, an extension seems unnecessary.”

In recent weeks I’ve shared the comments of a number of engineers about CAP readiness at their companies, including staff at Clear Channel, CBS, Cumulus, Entercom and Cherry Creek Radio. You can read those on our blog page.

I’m interested in hearing from you too, including your thoughts on the need for an extension. Drop me an email at [email protected].