Engineer Tests Revolutionary EAS Solution

Radio gets a better bullhorn
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Breaking news. The chief engineer for a California radio station is testing a new emergency alerting system.

“After the big fail we all witnessed regarding the National EAS Test, KBRT(AM) Chief Engineer Bill Agresta has developed a new, more reliable emergency alert system that he is now testing from the KBRT Ranch transmitter plant located on Catalina Island,” according to an email obtained by Radio World.

“This system, though manually operated, will allow a more intelligible and reliable audio transmission to be broadcast much more effectively and efficiently than our current government operated system and this, at greatly reduced costs.”

Crawford DOE Cris Alexander told RW, “So far, our testing has been 100% successful.”

Agresta is shown here testing the system.

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Does EAS Have a Place in an Earthquake?

One engineer writes: "Speaking as an East Coast-based broadcaster, testing this $2,700 box every week to see if it works (under penalty of a fine) when even an earthquake isn’t ‘major’ enough to warrant legitimate activation just makes me scratch my head in wonderment.”