Happiness Is a Warm Mic

Tim and Bob share their Abbey Road thrill
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The Abbey Road Studios are not, in fact, painted only in black and white. But that’s how they might appear to a dazzled Beatles fan who walks into Abbey Road, at least during the first hour or so of his own personal recording session.

I told you several years ago that two of our industry friends, Tim Schwieger of BSW and Bob Martin of RTM & Associates, planned to fulfill a midlife dream by booking time at Abbey Road and recording two songs.

They’ve now done a mini-documentary about the subsequent experience, pressed a two-song CD and created a website with photos about the experienc

The duo (who are, in fact, musically talented) recorded their stuff using Abbey Road’s original mics and electronic studio gear. Each wrote a song and recorded instrumental and vocal parts, using multitrack.

“When I first walked up the stairs and into the Abbey Road building I almost passed out from the adrenaline rush,” Tim wrote.

If you’re a Beatles geek — and especially if you know these two men — I dare you to watch their video, below, and not smile. You might even find yourself humming their tunes.