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Terry Baun’s Network Reading List

Thinking of taking the upcoming CBNE exam? You might want to check these out

Flipping through a recent newsletter from the Society of Broadcast Engineers, I noticed a handy list that you will want to browse.

Veteran engineer and industry leader Terry Baun serves on the society’s certification committee. He was updating his readers about the planned new level of certification called Certified Broadcast Network Engineer, or CBNE. Radio World has reported on this effort, and SBE President Ralph Hogan mentioned it in a recent interviewin RW.

Terry provided a list of suggested study books for the CBNE exam. It is reproduced below. You can find these books online via the usual places; and some if not all can be purchased via the SBE website. SBE hopes the first CBNE test will be held later this year. Learn more about certification here.

Suggested Study Books for CBNE Exam (from SBE)

Video Systems in an IT Environment, by Al Kovalick

Communications Systems and Networks, 3rd Edition, by Ray Horak

LAN Wiring, 3rd Edition, by James Trulove

Network Warrior, by Gary Donahue

Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, by Charles Spurgeon

IP Address Management: Principles and Practice, by Timothy Rooney

Digital Rights Management: Protecting and Monetizing Content, by Joan Van Tassel

Networking for Dummies, 9th Edition, by Doug Lowe

Cisco CCNA Simplified, by Paul Browning

PS — Find suggested references for other SBE exams here.