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Radio Sales Café Puts Prizes on the Table

Company offers some goodies

Radio Sales Café, a networking site for radio sales folk, recently turned three years old. In the course of an email conversation, owner and creative director Rod Schwartz told me about a promotion the company is offering. I thought I’d share it here.

You’re doing an anniversary promotion.
We’re going to be giving away some remarkable prizes at the end of the month, including a one-year subscription to Roy Williams’ “Wizard of Ads Live!” monthly video meetings (the subscription also includes access to the Premium Files, a super library of Wizard of Ads video training and other materials) worth $1,440, and RSC member Jeff Dostal of (heavy-duty radio ad sales training) has graciously given us 20 copies of Norton Warner’s “David Can Still Beat Goliath (Radio Advertising Is David’s Slingshot)” valued at $89 a copy.

Then there are some professional voiceover prizes. Five talented and award-winning voiceover talents have agreed each to voice one commercial, five winners in all. I wish I were eligible to win. I’d love to have Jeffrey Hedquist voice an ad for me. Or Blaine Parker, two-time Mercury Award winner. Just to name a couple of them. And every RSC member who participates in discussions this month is automatically eligible to win; we’ll have our drawings at the end of the month. Here’s the information on the prize giveaways.

What can you say about the state of the business?

After nearly 40 years in radio advertising sales and management, I am as enthralled with the business as I’ve ever been. It’s always a genuine pleasure to go to work for a new client, uncover his story, then tell it in a way that causes listeners to seek him out and give his business, product, or service a try. When everything’s going well, everyone wins: the advertiser, his customer and the radio station. What’s not to like about that?
The state of the business is what we make of it. And the salespeople and managers that seem to be most active at Radio Sales Cafe are people who love this business and make it even better by their participation.

Read more from Rod Schwartz about radio sales in the May 23 issue of Radio World.