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Time to Start Thinking About Fall Maintenance

Some ideas from the RW archives

Fall weather will soon be upon many of us. Spring and fall are natural times for construction and maintenance in parts of the country where weather is most cooperative at those times. October often is taken up with winterizing facilities inside and out. No one wants to deal with failures or inferior operation in deep winter.

RW has covered such preparation issues extensively. A short cruise around this website should provide ideas in just about every area of station operations.

For example, your FM station might worry about the health of its main antenna; it is a prudent place to start your maintenance thinking. To a varying degree just about every FM location is subject to icing; that subject was covered by our Buc Fitch a few issues back.

What better way to review your facility from the highest point and work to the lowest? Buc has also addressed the lowest … in this case, the station electrical system, right down to the grounding electrode systems, in his National Electric Code article.

John Bisset has written several books’ worth of maintenance and facility ideas in Workbench; you can browse literally thousands of ideas in the column archive. And you will find a lot more great tech tips from Mark Persons and other RW contributors on our Tech Tips page. Be forewarned: It’s easy to get lost in there!

Send your own tech tips and planning ideas to [email protected].