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Net Plans AM Night Dec. 27

It is managed by Geoff Mendenhall and Jay Adrick

I have a note here that will be of interest to many broadcast engineers past and present. The Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association 1936 Net invites hams interested in AM to join in or listen in during its annual 1936 Net AM Night.

The net is managed by two guys who are well known in broadcast technology circles: Geoff Mendenhall W8GNM and Jay Adrick K8CJY, both of Harris Broadcast. They’ve been licensed amateurs since 1961.

“The activity takes place on Thursday Dec. 27,” according to their announcement. “The frequency is 1936 kHz and the activity will begin at 7 p.m. ET with a pre net check-in and signal reports. At 9 p.m. ET, Bill NM4A will take over as the net control station and all check ins will be allotted time to describe their stations.”

The organizers say the annual event has been held for some 15 years and attracted 70 stations, “with many running heavy iron retired broadcast rigs, military transmitters and boat anchor transmitters from the golden age of amateur radio. New rigs such as software defined radios, Class E and other digital AM devices are also welcome.” Good luck, guys!