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Are You Kidding Me?

A reader says he is forbidden from attending the NAB Show by his bosses

A longtime reader and friend of Radio World shares this comment as our industry gears up for its annual gear-up:

Paul, you may or may not be aware that many of the corporate radio owners forbid the market engineers and other market-level employees from attending NAB.

In fact, the company I work for will not allow time off to attend NAB even on our own dime. Only the corporate big-shots are allowed to attend NAB. If you are spotted at NAB by one of the bosses, you could be terminated.

This is ridiculous! It was just seven years ago that the company actually paid for me to attend NAB to learn about new technologies, attend seminars and learn something. Yet now, if I attend, even on my own dime, it could mean termination.

While at the show, will you please ask the NAB to use some of their immense lobbying power to lobby the corporate group owners and managers to encourage the market employees to attend NAB again? I would think it would be in the best interest of the NAB to get the show attendance up again. Here’s a good way to do it.

Wow. Thanks for the note. I know of such practices in the past, though have not encountered it more recently, nor can I substantiate that this is widespread.

But look. I can understand (with regret) that some companies cannot pay the way for staff to go to the show. But to forbid attendance on someone’s personal time and dime? Is that even legal? I’d welcome hearing from anyone who can explain a good reason for such a policy.