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You’ll Get to Know FCC Form 2100

Right now it applies only to certain TV applications but that will change

Radio stations that file with the FCC should keep an eye on this one.

As we’ve reported, the commission slowly is moving to an e-filing system called the Licensing and Management System, or LMS.

A communications law firm, Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin, has posted a helpful discussion about the implications of recent developments.

It notes that the LMS eventually will replace the CDBS system for filing broadcast applications but that for now it applies only to certain full-power TV stations that seek to file applications for construction permits (formerly Form 301) and applications for a license to cover a CP (formerly Form 302-DT).

“These applications will now be part of a new single form called FCC Form 2100 that will eventually replace all of the existing radio and TV services forms,” the law firm writes.

It adds that due to a current freeze, this new form will go “mostly unused for several months.” But it recommends that all broadcasters pay attention because the FCC will slowly migrate all forms to the new system.

Read its post and observations about the new form (PDF).