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Beasley Announces “Beasley Media Group”

Another company with deep radio roots is feeling its way toward branding that reflects broader platforms rather than the words “radio” or “broadcast.”

Text has been updated to add a statement from Caroline Beasley, at bottom.

Paul McLane is editor in chief.

Another company with deep radio roots is feeling its way toward branding that reflects broader platforms rather than the words “radio” or “broadcast.”

Beasley Broadcast Group Inc., founded in 1961, has 33 FM and 20 AM stations in a dozen large- and mid-size U.S. markets. It said today that the various entities that previously held its portfolio of radio stations have been merged into one, and this will be called Beasley Media Group Inc.

“The name reflects the broad and expansive reach of on-air, digital and collateral radio products that are available to Beasley’s listeners and advertisers,” it said. A new Beasley Media Group logo, shown here, will appear on press releases that involve its stations.

Beasley VP of Corporate Communication Denyse Mesnik told me that Beasley Broadcast Group Inc. remains the parent company; its current name and logo will continue to be used for corporate business or, for example, an announcement about the Beasley app iRadioNow, as well as stock exchange business. “The publicly-traded parent company, headquartered in Naples, Fla., remains Beasley Broadcast Group Inc. and continues to trade as ‘BBGI’ on NASDAQ,” according to the company’s announcement.

I find this process interesting as it plays out at various broadcast companies; and while most such announcements include assurances of the ongoing importance of radio in their corporate mix, I suspect it can be an emotional decision for longtime broadcasters. Beasley seems to be going at it slowly here; other broadcast businesses have made more dramatic moves, notably the former Clear Channel Radio, which in 2012 became Clear Channel Media and Entertainment; and Clear Channel subsequently changed its name to iHeartMedia.

Just more evidence that there probably is no such thing as a truly radio-only company anymore.

After posting this, I heard back from the company with a statement from Caroline Beasley, EVP/CFO Beasley Broadcast Group Inc.: “Beasley Media Group exemplifies today’s radio. Radio is no longer simply an over-the-air broadcast; it has many different facets and a variety of distribution channels. Radio’s ability to reach, touch and impact listeners and advertisers in such a comprehensive way is incredibly exciting, especially to a company that has believed in the power of radio for over 50 years. Throughout our history, we have embraced new technologies, always adapting and changing to meet the needs and wants of listeners and advertisers. We believe that evolving ensures a radio product that is relevant, competitive and desirable. We announce Beasley Media Group with an eye toward the future and a steadfast belief in this incredible business of radio.”

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